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Expression Church joins The Little White Church Preaching On-Demand Service

(Huntington, WV)  Expression Church of Huntington has joined The Little White Church Preaching On-Demand Service for their Weekly Sunday Broadcast branded as “Everyday Expression”.

Pastor Kevin West is the Senior Pastor and Leader of Expression.  Kevin  is the President of KW Ministries and Expression Ministries Network, author of Living a Transformed Life and his latest book Angel in Aisle 3. He also is the Senior Pastor of Expression Church of Huntington in Huntington, WV.

Kevin’s heart is to lead and father those who seek an understanding of the truths and mysteries of God’s word. His passion is to identify, affirm, equip and release every believer into society by being the true expression of Christ in everyday real life.

He travels internationally as a speaker and can be heard on the radio program, ‘Everyday Expression’. Kevin and his wife, Leesa have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

Their television broadcast can be viewed on local and DirecTV and their weekly Radio Broadcast can be listened to anytime/anywhere by following the link