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Planning For Tomorrow

Planning For Tomorrow

Fred Kitchen

Fred is the creator and host of the Planning for Tomorrow.  His introduction to radio dates back to the late 80’s where he began at WMUL Radio on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va. He then later worked at WAEZ Radio in Milton, West Virginia and then at WEMM Christian Radio in Huntington, W.Va. In the 90's Fred recorded and produced a weekly radio broadcast for his father's ministry called "Heartbeat Radio Broadcast"  which aired on local christian radio as well as producing and recording another five minute radio show called "Inside The Studio" in which he debuted a new local gospel group's recording release that was recoreded at his recording studio, Chariot Gospel Studio's in Huntington, W.Va.We believe that planning is so important in everything we do.
By failing to plan, we plan to fail.We plan for a graduation, a wedding, birth of a baby, our retirement, etc., so it simply makes sense to plan for our financial and personal health. Another overlooked part of our life that some oftentimes fail to plan for is our end of life care.

I’ve said it many times, general life planning, pre-planning or final planning are the greatest gifts we can give our families.

We support you in becoming the most knowledgeable regarding healthcare, financial, legal issues, final planning, nursing home, extended and assisted living care, hospice care, Medicaid andMedicare, life insurance, funeral planning, etc.

It's important that you feel comfortable and are knowledgeable when you are planning for one of the most important life events that not only reflects your wishes but also effects our surviving family members and friends. -- Fred H. Kitchen

Call us: (304) 736-8986 | Write us: 6357 East Pea Ridge Road Huntington, WV 25705

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