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Preaching on Demand

Click Here To Listen To Preaching On Demand

The Little White Church is your home for the best Preaching and Teaching Programs in the Tri-State and Kanawha Valley.

How many times have you caught the end of a Sermon or Teaching Lecture on the Radio and wished you had been able to hear it all?  How many times has your Favorite Bible Teacher been on the Radio perhaps when you were at work?

We've partnered with the Leading Bible Teachers and Preachers of our area to provide you with the ability to listen to their Programs anywhere and anytime.

Click on their button to start listening!

Looking to grow YOUR Ministry?  Call Mike Nelson at 606-923-4619  Slots are Limited!

(Ministries are listed in Alphabetical Order according to Ministry Brand/Name)

Looking to Take Your Ministry to the Next Level?  We are presently accepting applicants for Ministry for our Preaching On-Demand Service.   There are a limited number of Slots Available.

The cost for this service to your Ministry is $150.00 per month.

Call Mike Nelson today at 606-923-4619